Acupuncture-TCM Massage Clinic

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Jennifer Rogers

You were so calm and caring and you quickly had me on a plan for my fertility issues.  I saw you twice weekly and you also gave me an herbal drink to take daily.  Now I have a happy 18 month old and things are going great!


Melina Martin

Well, I told you I would keep you updated on our IVF progress... it was a
success!!!  We got the news on Friday and we are ecstatic!!Well, I told you I would keep you updated on our IVF progress... it was a



Thanks for all of your help durning my pregnancy,
I couldn't have done it without you! You were my saving grace and helped
me through such a rough time.


Maria Ersson

I have never felt as good as I did during the acupuncture and Dr.Fei Fei has given me a very precious gift. We spent about $5000 just on IVF medications ( not even mentioning the embryotransfer because we never got there......)compared to about$3000 with Dr.Fei Fei. 


Eliza K.

I am happy to tell you that I am expecting! I was enormously shocked and
delighted when we found out over Christmas - THANK YOU so much for helping
us. We are truly amazed that after all these years we were finally able to conceive naturally!


Lisa Marion

I learned from Fei Fei about the importance of changing some thins in my diet(like avoiding cold foods ... ...) in order to support and bring energy and balance to my system... ... I was able to bring my body back into balance and as a result after 6 months of following Fei Fei's treatments.