Acupuncture-TCM Massage Clinic

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Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine or herbology is the most popular way to treat illnesses in most of Asia and this trend is gradually moving west. More and more people are concerned about the side effects associated with many pharmaceutical drugs; natural remedies can often be an excellent alternative to the exclusive and prolonged use of many drugs.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Natural Remedies

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) originated thousands of years ago, and includes effective herbal remedies to maintain good health as well as prevent and treat almost every illness or condition known to man. An experienced herbalist or TCM practitioner like Dr. Lu can diagnose your condition and create a personalized blend of herbs to ease your symptoms while treating the root cause of your problems.

Being an MD herself, Dr. Lu understands and supports Western Medicine but she believes that a combination of Western medicine and TCM is often the best treatment for various health problems. As part of her treatments, Dr. Lu regularly re-examines her patients to assess their progress and adjust their herbal formulas to ensure they receive maximum health benefits while minimizing side effects.

How Are Chinese Herbs and Formulas Selected?

Because treatment is chosen based on the patient’s constitution, gender, age, symptoms and imbalances, rarely will two patients be prescribed the exact same herbal treatment. When you meet Dr. Lu, she will discuss your current situation and perform a Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis, which will help her determine which formula you need, and in which ratio.

Dr. Lu will determine if you have a deficient or excessive condition or if you have too much heat, damp or cold in your body. She will also consider your flow of Qi and Blood. All of these important concepts form the basis of TCM and the overall theory of balancing all the energy within your body, mind and spirit.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Formulas Come in Various Forms

In most cases, Dr. Lu will prepare your solution in a concentrated herbal granule form. She will provide you with clear directions on how much to use and how to take your herbal medicine. In some cases, herbal remedies can be blended into creams or ointments for external use, especially if you suffer from localized pain from a sports injury, for example.

Conditions Treated with Alternative Medicine and Chinese Herb Remedies

The list of conditions and illnesses that can be prevented, improved or cured with herbal remedies or other TCM treatment is almost endless. For example, you can use acupuncture and Chinese medicine for insomnia, infertility, depression, dementia and many more.

Each herbal consultation session costs $25 and herbal medicine fees will vary according to the formula. Please contact Dr. Lu to find out if your specific condition can be treated with Chinese herb remedies.